"KeyAccess" helps you to hide your photos, videos and other files among a variety of keys.


Enter a key to open your first page.

A key is a series of letters, numbers and some symbols. It is similar to a password.

For example, you can enter the word "flowers" as a key.

An empty page is opened.

Tap the "+" button in the upper right corner to add files.

Select where you would like to import the files from ("Pasteboard", "Photo Library", "Storage", or "iTunes Folder").

If you select "Camera", you can take a photo/video directly in the application and save it on the page.

A photo is added.

Tap the photo to view it.

Tap the "Back" button and you see the main page again.

Tap the "Close" button in the upper left corner to close the page.

And you returned to the screen to enter a key.

Now, let's enter another key.

You see an empty page again. The photo that you added just now is not there.

So, if you enter the original key (in this case, "flowers")...?

The photo is found on the page!


"KeyAccess" does not store your keys anywhere. If you forget them, we cannot tell you what they are.